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learn about what is meta copy and why is it important for seo

Learn About What Is Meta Copy and Why Is It Important for Seo

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Meta copy is text that appears on a web page that helps describe the contents of the page to search engines. It is also sometimes used to describe the purpose of a website to visitors. Meta copy can be in the form of titles, descriptions, and keywords.

Inline CSS

When should you use inline CSS?

In general, it is best practice to keep your CSS in separate files from your HTML. However, there are some cases where inline CSS can be very useful:

-When you want to override styles from third-party libraries: Many times when you include a library like Bootstrap in your project, you will want to change some of the default styles. In these cases, it can be helpful to add inline CSS that specifically targets the elements you want to style differently. -When you have a very small amount of CSS: If all you need is a few lines of code, there is no need to create an entire file just for those few lines. Inlining your CSS can save some time and effort in these cases. -When speed is critical: Because inline styling does not require an additional HTTP request, it can sometimes load faster than external styling sheets.

Internal or Embedded CSS

When about CSS, there are generally two different types: internal and external. Internal CSS is code that is written into the HTML document itself, within the