20 Ways to Make Your Etsy Shop More Successful

Etsy is a place where people can buy and sell handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies directly from artisans. a wide variety of different categories such as apparel, art, bath and body products, jewelry, furniture, home décor and more.

Although the site provides sellers with marketing guides and tools for selling their creations, there are other ways sellers can improve their shop and sales too.

In this article we will list a series of tips for creating and running a successful Etsy shop

1. Establish an identity

Before you begin your Etsy journey, take some time to think about your target audience and where you think they might be. There are almost 2 million shops on Etsy right now, so the competition is fierce. Think of ways that you can make your shop stand out from the rest; things like having a theme or niche, offering a unique product and adding extra value through in-depth descriptions about what you do.

Etsy allows shop owners to customize their shop pages before they’re posted on the site, so make sure you check that out. You can choose different color schemes and fonts for your shop logo and even include a short biography about yourself and what makes your products special. This will give people a more thorough understanding of who you are and what you stand for as an artist, while also helping them decide if they want to buy from you.


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The Best Kept Secrets of How To Increase Sales on Etsy

I’ve been on Etsy for over 3 years and as I’ve grown and learned, one of the biggest things that has helped me keep going is knowing where to find and attract the best customers. Before I knew how to do this, I was floundering around in the dark – which meant losing a lot of sales.

Once you know where your best customers are, you can focus your marketing efforts on them so that every time you make an item or add a new listing, you’re speaking directly to someone who will most likely buy from your shop. This article will give you the best kept secrets of what I’ve learned about finding the best customers, and then using that information to make Etsy work for you.

Etsy customers don’t get to you by pure luck

People often accuse successful seller of cheating when they learn their sales figures. “They’re just lucky” or “It’s the items, not the marketing” are both comments we can read very often. But we can understand them, we need to realize where people are coming from on this subject – it really is hard for most people to believe that most customers actually come from consistent marketing efforts.


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