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3 types of css that every web developer should know

3 Types of CSS That Every Web Developer Should Know

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There are three types of CSS: inline, internal, and external.

Inline CSS is used within an HTML tag. Internal CSS is used in the head section of an HTML document. External CSS is used in an external file that is linked to an HTML document.

Inline CSS

For example, let’s say we wanted to make all of the text on our page red. We could do this by adding the following inline CSS to every HTML element on our page:

This is some red text.

All of the text inside of this div will be red.

This span contains red text..

Internal Embedded CSS

Internal/Embedded CSS

When about styling a web page, there are basically three ways to do it: inline, internal, and external. In this article, we’re going to focus on internal and embedded CSS.

Internal CSS is used when you want to apply styles to a single page. This is done by adding a

as you can see, we've defined two rules here - one for h 1 elements (which will turn them red), and one for p elements (which will make them 16px). These rules will only be applied to the current page - if you have another page with different HTML, these CSS rules won't affect it. Similarly, if you have multiple pages that use the same HTML but you want different styles on each page, you can use internal CSS again - just add your