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10 Outstanding Content Marketing Tactics to Ignite Your Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re looking for ways to catapult your content marketing efforts and exceed expectations with your audience, this is the article for you. I outline 10 awesome content marketing tactics that can be used in conjunction with one another to skyrocket your engagement rates, increase traffic, and ultimately generate more revenue.

Before diving into the tactics, I want to emphasize one key point you need doing prior to working on your marketing strategy, and this is figuring out your buyer personas.

Target market analysis –  developing buyer personas

The first step in any successful digital campaign is to thoroughly explore who your target market is. Ideally, you should know several things about them: their age range, location (both physical and online), income bracket, interests/hobbies/passions, pain points or problem areas they may have that could be solved by your product or service.

Find out exactly who your potential clients are before you dive into the creation process for your marketing content. What’s the most important thing you want them to know about your business? Who are they, and what are their biggest complaints about their current predicament? Are they interested in products or services that you offer? Are they looking for a new hobby, pet service, car purchase, etc.?

Now we can get down on details about every marketing tactic you can apply.

Value-Based email strategy

Don’t send emails just for the sake of sending them. Value-based emails generate revenue by providing a solution to your customers’ problems or delivering relevant content that solves their pain points.

Send emails based on what your customers want, not what you think they want. The best way to do this is by segmenting that includes triggered events, such as abandoned carts or webinar registrations or products that are related to the products bought in an order. You can also include sales funnel triggers, such as scheduled reminders for items left in the cart for over x amount of days.

Share success case studies

Success case studies help you back up your claims with real-life examples that draw attention.

It’s not easy, but it can work. For instance, some businesses create a successful blog post telling their story and inviting other business owners to compare and contrast with the benefits of the company they’re representing. If they attract enough attention, people will share it on social media. Social proof helps businesses overcome skepticism by giving them another way to back up their claims.

Give away free content

Everyone knows that content can increase traffic to your site and build your brand, but only a few brands are leveraging the potential of free content.

Free offers encourage people to sign up for your website, and most importantly, get them to subscribe to your list. This type of marketing builds loyalty among subscribers and creates a strong relationship with them. This also makes it easier for you to communicate with customers via email, which increases sales in the long-run.

Focus on real benefits and value with your content strategy

As a business owner or marketing manager, you can help your audience move towards their goals by offering benefits they need or want. Show them how it can benefit them, such as increased productivity with a piece of software, better health or body image with a supplement, more energy to finish tasks with a workout routine, etc.

This will help you build credibility, establish yourself as an expert, and develop a following.

Create interactive infographics

Infographics are very shareable, which makes them a great tool for increasing brand awareness and driving traffic to your site.

Infographics are one of the most popular content marketing tactics. They are considered a combination of information and visual appeal in a single image.

When creating an infographic, find a topic your target audience is interested in. To get them engaged, try asking them questions. If you do this right, they will want to read your content and share it with their networks. That’s where you’ll be able to collect even more email addresses for future marketing efforts.

Get creative and tell stories

People love to hear stories. When your content has a narrative, it helps people get to know and trust you. It’s also more likely to get shared on social media.

Telling a story also helps you connect with your audience in a more personal way, which makes them want to learn more about you and what you’re selling. While developing a story, ensure that it will be relatable to the audience by using real-life situations as this will make it easier to see why your product or service will add value to their lives.

Leverage content on social media sites

The more shares you get on social media, the more people will find out about your brand. Social media is a huge opportunity to share content and build your brand. It’s also one of the best ways to connect with new customers. That’s because social media allows you to have conversations with your audience at any time of day.

Sharing content on social media helps you attract new customers quicker and build relationships with them. This makes it easier for everyone involved in the customer journey, that is, people who are interested in what you offer as well as people who hear about it by chance while talking about other things.

However, creating valuable and shareable social media posts doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, persistence and patience, but in the end, it will bring great benefits to your brand and help you attract new users. Posting valuable content on social media can be tricky at first, but soon enough you will figure out what your audience likes and wants to see on your channel.

Write informative blog posts

Blog posts are easier to create than infographics and comes with the potential of receiving feedback as comments. There many formulas for successful blog posts. You can create any type of content – how-to guides, product reviews, tips on business growth, etc. But make sure you cover a certain topic and provide useful information to your audience.

When creating a blog post, focus on providing benefits that help your customers solve their problems. Think about what they really need in their lives and how you can help them reach their goals with something you offer.

Create informative podcasts

Many businesses are using podcasts to reach their audience and connect with them. Podcasts are basically a recorded audio file that talks about specific topics. Some brands are using podcasts to educate customers on how to use a product or service, how to improve themselves, while others use them for entertainment value or humor.

It’s important to note that not every brand is making podcasting a priority right now, but in the future, it’s expected we will see more about this marketing tactic. To attract new customers through podcasts, you need to have a creative strategy designed to solve your customer’s problems or entertain them in some way.

Listening to a podcast involves more commitment than viewing an infographic. It’s a chance for customers to really connect with you.

Paid Ads on Google, Facebook & Instagram

Your first ads might not have too much impact. You might get a couple views and likes, but the most important thing is your brand awareness. If you don’t have enough exposure to your customers, they won’t take notice of what you’re offering and won’t even visit your site. Most people only see ads when they search for a certain product or service.

To make sure your customers see the ads that are relevant to them, you need to develop creative ads so that it stands out from the competition and also remind them of your presence on social media.

If your product or service is targeting an audience that spends time on Twitter, Pinterest or TikTok, then you might consider paid ads with these networks too.

Video ads are definitely the future of digital marketing. They work really well on social media sites for several reasons:

They are more memorable than text ads. Remember how much you liked that funny video you saw months ago on YouTube? You probably still talk about it. Your customers will relate to your brand more than with a text ad, because they will feel as if they know you and understand what you’re offering them.

It shows trust and loyalty in your brand, which is important when your customer clicks on an ad to buy a product. Video ads work even better for certain industries or service providers that have big personalities like sports, entertainment, fitness, etc.

Remember that advertising can be huge investment and should be used to establish credibility for your brand, not necessarily to make money. Keep experimenting with different formats and copywriters until you feel confident in your ability to create an ad that connects with your target audience.

Final thoughts

As a marketer, you should definitely take the time to focus on your marketing as a whole and spend the majority of your efforts on this. If you do, your business will grow. However, if you half-cut some or all of these strategies, it might be hard to see results or know exactly what is and isn’t working for your brand in its entirety.


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